'Worst' Server Monitor

A simple, fast, effective cross platform client for website monitoring services

The 'Worst' Server Monitor is a quick, fast, minimal app for a variety of online server monitoring and website monitoring services. It's designed to be a quick and simple way to check from your iOS device. Currently we support the following services;

- Status Cake
- Pingdom (coming soon!)

You can connect up and monitor multiple accounts at once, toggling them on and off as you need and tap an individual test to view more detailed results, as simple as you would like.

So why should you download if this is the 'worst' Server Monitoring app out there? Curiosity we hope! Because of course it's not the worst, in fact we're pretty proud of it. We're developing an entire suit of simple, showcase apps under the 'Worst' brand, we'll give you the artwork is pretty rough around the edges, but that's deliberate, form over function!

Future features, supported monitoring services, and development are in your hands, look us up via the support site link or email us via help@xyroh.com and let us know what you want next. Please note we are in no way affiliated with any of the monitoring services we support, and this app may only be used in accordance with their terms and conditions

PS: We're also available for commercial and private projects too - get in touch