Super Star Voice Changer

Super Star Voice Changer App lets you change your voice to any hero or celebrity voice you wish, just by talking into a microphone.
Try our application! Just say anything you want and have it spoken back to you by a huge group of heroes and celebrities.
You can be:

- Elon Musk;
- Donald Trump;
- Barack Obama;
- Stephen Hawking;
- Angela Merkel;
- Oprah Winfrey;
- Paris Hilton;
- Miley Cyrus;
- Obi Wan Kenobi;
- Robot C3PO;
- Dart Weider;
- Robocop;
- Terminator;
- Black panther;
- Iron Man;
- Zombie.

To use the app, make sure you have an Internet connection, then Tap and Speak into the microphone. It should only take a few seconds to generate a video/a sound of your changed voice back to you. You can share with your recordings with your friends.