Cloud Config

Effortlessly control your app code from the cloud.

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AppToolkit's Cloud Config lets you adjust settings and features in your app, even after it's already installed on your users' devices.

Move your app's config to the cloud

Hard-coding configuration variables in your app binaries limits control over your app's functionality once it's deployed. Cloud Config gives you flexibility to alter you app before its next update.

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Easily change app variables

Just add a config variable and link it in your app. The app will get the new data automatically and you'll never have to touch your code again!

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Set feature flags effortlessly

Releasing new features is always risky. Cloud Config gives you rollback insurance. If you set them behind a config variables, you can turn them on and off from the web.

Target specific app versions

Want to change a setting for a certain version of your app? Maybe even turn features on and off during a beta? AppToolkit's SDK makes it effortless.

Target specific OS versions

Did something in your app break with the most recent OS release? Instead of rushing to submit a fix, just toggle that feature off from the cloud.

Setup takes minutes

Create some variables on the web, add our simple SDK, and use the variables in your code. Changes you make in the future will be delivered to your live app immediately.

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