All of our products are individually priced so you can pay for only what you need.

Screenshot Builder

AppToolkit's Screenshot Builder makes it easy to create beautiful, custom images for your app store page and export them in the resolutions Apple and Google require. Your Dashboard >

  • Free
    always free
    Transform your screenshots into gorgeous marketing images.
    Our Free plan includes:
    1 Saved Screenshot Set
    Choose Between iOS or Android
    Phone Devices Only
    Download Set in One Device Size
    Black & White Device Colors
    Text Above or Below Cropped Device
    Export in JPG
  • Pro
    per month
    Higher resolution screenshots in every device size, including tablets.
    Everything in Free plus:
    Unlimited Screenshot Sets
    Create for Both iOS & Android
    iPad & Android Tablet Devices
    Export in all Device Sizes
    Gold & Rose Gold Device Colors
    Additional Layouts
    Export in High Resolution PNG
    Clone Sets for New Platforms & Versions
    Add Device Specific Screenshots
    Delete Unused Sets

App Website Builder

AppToolkit's App Website Builder makes it easy and quick for any app developer to create and host a fully responsive website for their app. Your Dashboard >

  • Free
    always free
    Create a beautiful website for your app in minutes.
    Our Free plan includes:
    Custom Landing Page
    App Store Generation
    iPhone Screenshots
  • Pro
    each website / month
    Custom domain name, analytics, and a whole lot more.
    Everything in Free plus:
    Custom Domain Name
    Remove AppToolkit Branding
    Google Analytics Support
    Custom Waiting List Button Label
    iTunes Campaign Support
    Custom Footer Links
    Hosted Terms of Service
    Hosted Privacy Policy
    Hosted Support Page
    Mixpanel Badge Support
    Custom CSS

Review Monitor

AppToolkit's Review Monitor is a free service that checks the App Store for new reviews and posts them to your Slack channel or sends them to your email. Your Dashboard >

  • Free
    Always free
    Get App Store review notifications by email and posted into Slack.
    Our Free plan includes:
    Slack Notifications
    Email Notifications
    Auto-tweet Great Reviews

Super User Dashboard

AppToolkit's Super Users Dashboard gives mobile teams immediate visibility into the users that open and use their app the most. Your Dashboard >

  • Free
    1,000 Users always free
    Your first 1,000 users are critical. Know who the best are.
    Our Free plan includes:
    Your first 1,000 Monthly Active Users
    Full Analytics
    Super User identification
  • Pro
    Per monthly active user
    Instantly separate the people who love your app from the rest.
    Our Pro plan includes:
    Up to 100,000 Monthly Active Users
    Full Analytics
    Super User identification
  • Enterprise
    Call us
    We're happy to build a plan that will grow with you.
    Our Enterprise plan includes:
    Custom Monthly Active Users
    Full Analytics
    Super User identification

Cloud Config

AppToolkit's Cloud Config lets you adjust settings and features in your app, even after it's already installed on your users' devices. Your Dashboard >